We Provide Cleaning Services with Excellence

Who We Are

Here at MADJE Cleaning Services LLC, we are offering a wide variety of cleaning services that cater to your home, business, or facility. Our expert cleaners will ensure that the cleaning job is completed as efficiently as possible and make sure that the environment is free of any safety hazards, stains, odors, and other particles. As we exceed our client’s expectations, we will become the recommended company to provide our cleaning services in the state of Florida.


We provide quality cleaning services that meet the specific needs of our clients for their residential,commercial premises, or facilities. We ensure that our staff will be able to provide the best results for every job as we promote a cleaner and safer environment.


To provide exceptional cleaning services with our cost-effective source of cleaning to our clients at an affordable price in the state of Florida.

Got Any Questions?
Do you have any concerns or questions about our services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.